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A fan of exploring new places with your friends?

Make coordination a no-brainer with Planr.

Choose a city and add events and locations from a variety of categories

Integrates with Yelp to provide you with the best spots around town

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Craft your own
...or don't

Search Yelp's extensive database to find great things to do nearby you and add them to your Plan.

...Or have Planr generate a custom plan just for you. Select a few categories and discover some new places!

Plans are better with friends

Share your plans with your Facebook friends. They can view or edit the plan with you, so no one is out of the loop

Stay flexible

Add your own custom activites. Work meetings, house parties or movie nights, anything is possible

Meet the team

Alex Bettadapur

A back-end engineer with a passion for mobile applications and services.

Andrey Kurenkov

An eclectic engineer and intellectual endlessly interested in AI, art, side-projects, philosophy, and many more things.

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